The Pesach Postbox

Get in the Pesach mood by sending and receiving mail from Mitzrayim!

Last year, I attended a Zoom session given by a local doctor who is known for his amazing and engaging seder. He gave so many tips and ideas and it was such a great way to get ready for our first Seder at home. I created a fake newspaper modeled after our local Jewish paper with articles about the breaking news from Mitzrayim. I hung one up on the wall overnight so they kids found it when they woke up and there were 4 issues in total.

This year, we are trying something new. The kids created and decorated a “Pesach Post” mailbox. While they were at school, I slipped in a “postcard” to them from Miriam in Mitzrayim, asking them to become pen pals. The kids loved it and wrote a letter back! I have a few more letters planned in the days leading up to Pesach. Things like this really set the stage and get everyone excited for the Seder! I hope ideas like this can inspire you to enhance your own Seder experience.

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A Splitting Paper Sea

Active: 15-20 minutes

Age: 5-10

Small cardboard box
Blue paper of any type, we used construction paper and tissue paper
Markers, crayons or colored pencils

Cut a slot on the side of your box. This is where you will send the mail! Next, think about how the mail will be retrieved. Our box was really large so we ended up cutting off the bottom and we just pick up the box itself to find our mail. You can use a shoebox with a lid and remove the lid to pick up your mail.

Cover the box in blue paper to make it look like a real mail box. Let the kids decorate the box however they want. We created a rounded top by cutting two half circles of cardboard and then taping construction paper between them. Remind them to check the mail to see if any letters have arrived!

For the letters, write your own personalized ones or download my letters from Miriam below. If you want to design your own letters, the font I used is called Ink Free and you can download it free here.

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