Chametz Hunt with Peek-a-boo Doors

Search for chametz behind each door!

chametz hunt done

Pesach cleaning has begun in many homes. My kids actually love to clean…sort of. They grab wipes and dust the shelves with great gusto, while cleverly ignoring the toys they stepped over on the way.  And of course the pinnacle of Pesach cleaning is bedikat chametz.  Sneaking around the house like a detective with a flashlight is definitely a good game to play.

When I was thinking about this search, I had the idea to translate it to paper. I was inspired by board books with flaps, which were always a great favorite. We cut out pictures of both chametz and Pesach food from the grocery circular and “searched for chametz” by peeking behind each door and discovering if the item behind the door is kosher of Pesach or not!

close up

Assembling this project took a while and we had lots of fun doing it. Picking out the food products to include was probably the highlight! The pictures of the circular were particularly nice because they are small enough to fit behind doors, and they were advertising Pesach products as well, so everything was easy to find in one spot.  If you don’t have a circular handy, you can always draw your pictures, or look through a magazine.

chametz hunt closed2

We are planning to hang our finished projects on the wall at a low height, so we can keep playing with them!


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Chametz Hunt with Peek-a-boo Doors

Active: 45 minutes-1 hour
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 3-8

2 sheets of card stock or construction paper
Grocery store circular
X-acto knife or scissors
6 small beads
Crayons or markers

Cut out or draw six food items, both chametz and kosher for Pesach.

Draw your doors. I found a 3″ square to fit nicely in two rows of three, but make your doors whatever shape you prefer.  Make sure the opening will be large enough to accomodate your food pictures. Decorate your doors with markers or crayons.


Cut out each door on three sides using an X-acto knife or scissors. We varied the direction of our opening, left, right, up and down. Glue a small bead on each door to act as a handle.

chametz hunt closed

Squeeze a frame of glue on your second sheet of paper. Place the sheet of paper with the doors on top of the glue and push down to adhere. Underneath each flap, glue your food items.

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