Deconstructed Israeli Flag Collage

Use the basic shapes from the Israeli flag to create a new piece of art!


A Jewish man complete with tzizit and kippa!

At this time of year, you can barely turn around before another day related to Israel pops up on your calendar (have your white shirts clean and ready!). Our Pesach projects were still hanging on our dining room project wall and we needed to remedy that ASAP!

I thought it would be interesting to use the Jewish star from the Israeli flag as the base of a creative project.  I cut up a big pile of blue and white triangles of different sizes, using as many different shades of blue as I could find. I threw in a few long strips of paper as a nod to the blue lines on the flag as well. I put them out with some glue and let the kids take it from there. It was so interesting to see what they came up with!



I am honored to have this project featured in this week’s edition of The Jewish Link of New Jersey, in the Kid’s Link section. Pick up a copy if you are local or check it out online here.

Deconstructed Israeli Flag Collage

Active: 15-30 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using glue

Age: 3-9

Triangles of blue and white paper of different sizes
Strips of blue and white paper
Glue or tape
Optional: Blue and white pompoms, glitter, sequins or any other embellishment you want to add

Cut blue and white paper into triangles and long strips. Use glue or tape to create a scene (Israel related or not).

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