Hamantashen Bags for Mishloach Manot

Give a friend some Hamantashen…in a Hamantash!

It’s hard to believe Purim is here again. We managed to squeeze in a pretty normal Purim last year, literally the day before everything shut down. We are still planning to celebrate this year, but our mishloach manot won’t contain any homemade items and Purim masks won’t be the only ones we are wearing. I hope these bags can help your children feel the spirit of Purim! We had a blast making them and I love how they came out. My 3 year old decorated this one while her big sisters were busy and when they saw it, they asked to make their own too!

We used glitter glue and beads to create the “filling” of our hamantashen, but you can use whatever you have. Crumpled tissue paper, pompoms, sequins, dot paint, or even just marker can all work just as well. My daughter did a minimal amount of coloring on each side, but you can decorate as much or as little as you want.

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Hamantashen Bags for Mishloach Manot

Active: 20 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 2-9

2-3 sheets of cardstock, posterboard or oaktag
2-6 pieces of yarn or ribbon
Clear packing tape or duct tape
Something to use a filling – beads, crumpled tissue paper, pompoms, etc
Markers or crayons

Cut out two matching triangle shapes from cardstock. Then cut out 2 matching rectangles, each the length of the triangles. Punch two holes near the top of each triangle to thread the handle through.

Decorate the triangles to look like hamantashen. First use markers or crayons to decorate and then glue on your filling in the center.

Create your handles by tying ribbons through the holes on each triangle. You can make your handle more substantial by braiding a few strands together.

Assemble your bag. Affix a strip of clear packing tape to the backside of the length of both left and right sides of one triangle, sticky side up. Press a rectangle onto each piece of tape. Add another strip of tape to the backside of one rectangle and affix the second triangle.

Once your pieces are all connected, put one last strip of tape down the length of the triangle with a exposed side. Fold it around to meet the exposed side of the rectangle.

Fill with treats and share with a friend!

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