Har Sinai Hat (or Centerpiece)

When a party hat becomes Har Sinai!


When we walked into daycare to pick up the baby, a two year old was having a birthday party. All the kids were wearing party hats, which was adorable, and my big kids were more than happy to eat their sister’s cupcake. The party hats were solid green…which triggered an idea. What if we made the hats into mini Har Sinais? Our daycare provider chimed in, reminding me of the gemara which says that at the time Hashem gave us the Torah, He held the mountain over our heads and we had no choice but to accept the Torah. Wearing a Har Sinai hat would be a funny way to illustrate that.


I had envisioned these more as centerpieces and less as hats, but the kids found it hilarious to wear Har Sinai on their heads.

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Shavuot Flowers

Har Sinai Hats

Active: 5-10 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint

Age: 2-7

Solid green party hat or green paper rolled in a cone shape
Flower stickers
2 small pieces of thin cardboard (a cereal box works well)

Decorate your hat with flower stickers, or glue on flowers cut from paper.

To make the luchot, cut the shape out of two pieces of carboard. I stacked them on top of each other while cutting to get them even. Put the toothpick between the two pieces and tape together. Insert into the small hole at the top of the hat.


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Torah Bag

Store your things in a Torah bag this Simchat Torah!


We have been spending Yom Tov with my parents. The rabbi of their shul gives Torah cards to any kid who wishes him a good Shabbos or Yom Tov, which is the highlight of shul for many kids. My kids amassed quite a collection over all of the holidays. On Sunday morning of Chol HaMoed Sukkot, my daughter came up with a great idea of how to store them – make a “Torah bag.” She proceeded to direct my mom to give her specific supplies and put together an amazing bag!

Since they were working with limited supplies, I put together an upgraded version to share with you. I think these are adorable and have multiple potential uses if you do not have Torah cards. Bring them to shul on Simchat Torah to collect whatever the kids get there (candy overload is one of my pet peeves but that is for a different discussion). Use them as favor bags at an upsherin. Or, as my daugher helpfully suggested, just use them for storing Shopkins.

Torah Bag

Active: 30 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 2-9

Brown paper bag
Something with which to decorate the bag – paint, markers, crayons, stickers
2 paper towel rolls
Glue or tape

Trim off approximately 2.25″ from the top of the paper bag. The allows the paper towel tubes to stick out on the top and the bottom. Decorate your bag however you want. We had crown stickers, so I used one here, along with our favorite dot paint.

Cover the paper towel tubes with tinfoil. I didn’t find it necessary to use any glue or tape, just tuck the edges in at the ends.

Glue or tape the back of the bag to the paper towel rolls. Only attach the top 2/3 of the bag. Do not glue or tape the bottom part of the bag or it will not fold flat.


Allow to dry, fill and enjoy!

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