Paper Forest for Tu B’Shvat

Grow a paper tree for Tu B’Shvat!

Another Corona winter Sunday means bored kids. We thought about doing a project for Tu B’Shvat. It’s been a while since we did a project like this together, now that my kids are getting older they are creating their own projects! But every one from ages 4-11 enjoyed this. The 11 year old did it herself, the 4 year old drew the pictures and applied the glue and the 8 year old folded and glued. Everyone was able to participate on their own level. We hope you enjoy it too!

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Paper Forest for Tu B’Shvat

Active: 15-20 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using regular glue

Age: 4-10

Tree template (download here)
Glue stick
Paint, markers or crayons

To make 3 trees in your forest, decorate nine tree tops and nine trunks. You can use our template or draw our own, but try to keep them approximately the same size. When they are dry, cut them out.

Fold each piece in half, folding the colored portion inwards. Working in groups of 3 pieces, using a glue stick, apply glue to the outer side of the first folded piece and attach a second folded piece. Then apply glue to the exposed top layer of the second piece and attach a third. Gently pull the stack and you have created a 3-D tree top. Repeat with all the tree tops and trunk pieces. Glue the tops and trunks directly on to a piece of paper.

Decorate around your trees to complete the scene.

Did you do this project? Share your pictures on our facebook page!


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