Paper Blintzes

No need for a crepe pan…make your blintzes from paper!


When thinking about a Shavuot project, I really wanted something having to do with the giving of the Torah. I have seen candy Torahs, mini hotdog Torahs, paper towel roll Torahs, and so many others that it seemed like the Torah idea has been throughly taken care of! I decided to switch gears when I remembered one of the most popular projects we have posted, 3-D Paper Hamantashen. Why not recreate one of Shavuot’s most popular foods from paper too? Cheesecake did not seem like a viable option, so I went for blintzes. And as a bonus, besides for being dairy, the rolled up crepes also mimic the look of a Torah.

Rolling paper blintzes has the advantage of not being messy. No filling will squirt out at you and if you don’t roll it perfectly, tape is your friend. I have already made my real blintzes for this year and they are in the freezer awaiting the frying pan but I will admit they were not my best effort. The crepes just kept sticking to the pan and many of them ripped. I still managed to make enough to feed everyone but these paper ones redeemed my efforts by looking adorable without the fuss.

I am honored to once again to have this project featured in this week’s edition of The Jewish Link of New Jersey, in the Kid’s Link section. Pick up a copy if you are local or check it out online here.

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Paper Blintzes

Active: 15-30 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint

Age: 4-9

Paper circles 7″-8″ in diameter
Paint or markers
Cotton balls
Decorate one side of your paper circles. When they are dry, flip them over.

Place several cotton balls in a line on the plain side of the circle. Fold both sides over toward the center.


Roll the blintz in the opposite direction and secure with tape.


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