Paper Seder Table

Recreate the Seder…in paper!


Now that Purim has passed, we needed to redecorate our wall. We took down our Shushan Mural and were debating what to put up for Pesach. After tossing around a few ideas, we decided to make a Seder table.

In the front hallway of the kid’s school, they have a seasonally decorated wall similar to ours but on a larger scale. Last year they put up the most amazing Seder table, but on the wall. Think tablecloth, nice plastic dishes, etc but vertically hanging on the wall. I loved it so much we recreated in in an easier paper form for our one wall.  You can definitely do this on a piece of paper if you don’t have a spare wall hanging around! Prop it up in the center of your table for an adorable meta centerpiece.

We will not be home for the Sedarim but if we were, I would have printed out pictures of everyone who was going to be in attendance and put them on our paper table!

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Paper Seder Table

Active: 15-30 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 3-9

Construction paper
Plastic tablecloth or patterned paper

Tape together paper to form your base, if doing as a wall mural. Cover the paper with a piece of plastic tablecloth and tape on the reverse side to secure.

Cut out wine cups, Haggadot, a Seder plate, matza (ours looks sort of like bananas since our new package of construction paper sadly does not include brown!) and anything else you might want (dish of salt water, plates and silverware, etc.) We put the place settings on the opposite side of the table upside down for authenticity but you can put them all right side up if your kids prefer.

Add photos of your Seder guests!

Note: If you are hanging this on the wall, let it dry completely before hanging. We didn’t and the wet glue on our wine bottle label ran and smudged the whole label. We pulled it off and are going to redo it and have more patience this time!

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