Cheshvan Rain Scene with Fall Finds

Fall leaves “fall” from the sky like rain!IMG_20181017_093013876

Walking down the street outside of daycare, I just could not resist picking up the amazing bright red leaves that were on the sidewalk. I figured they must be good for a project, right? (Err…does this happen to other people?!). Anyway, once I got them home, I put them aside for this project. But then life intervened and by the time I was ready to do the project a week later, the leaves had shriveled and dried up. So I had to take a return trip to the tree to collect more. ┬áI went home with my prizes and right away did the project so I could photograph it for you. But on further reflection, I realized that I didn’t have enough leaves left for the kids to do the project as well. So before I picked up the baby, I made a third return trip to the tree. But alas! Between the morning and afternoon, the gardeners had visited and the sidewalk was almost empty of leaves! I managed to find enough but the moral here is: grab the leaves when you see them and do the project right away!


I wanted to combine the rainy season in Israel that begins in Cheshvan with the beautiful fall foliage here in America. I happened to have a wide variety of leaves available but if your neighborhood is less varied, you can still make it work. Crumble dried leaves and sprinkle them over glue in the sky for rain. And really any type could work for clouds and ground. Share a photo if you do this!

Cheshvan Rain Scene with Fall Finds

Active: Nature walk: 10-30 minutes, Project: 15-20 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+

Age: 3-6

Fall leaves, acorns, etc.

Go out on a fall nature walk. Bring along a bucket or bowl to collect leaves. Look for different shapes and colors, with an eye towards what might work to create this scene.

Arrange your leaves to approximate rain falling from the sky. There is no wrong way to do it!

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