Shushan Mural

Bring Shushan alive on your wall!


As you may recall, we have one wall in our dining room that is reserved for hanging artwork. We decorate for every birthday and holiday and if it were to be left blank, it would look jarring, as if something was missing. We took down the last round of birthday decor to get ready for Purim.

Building the city of Shushan was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it! I cut the domes in a Persian style (so it wouldn’t look like Yerushalayim) and the kids designed all the buildings. Of course we added in the King Achashveirosh and Queen Esther, and even Haman. Shushan was a walled city, as we learn in the Megillah, so we made sure to include that as well.



Should you not have an available wall, this works just as well on paper. Scan it and print for easy Purim cards!

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Shushan Mural

Active: 15-20 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 2-8

Construction paper

Cut out shapes and arrange them as a city. Decorate any way you please!

Glue windows and doors to each building. Tape the buildings to the wall for a mural or glue on to a piece of paper.


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