Hamantashen Purim Cards

Send Purim joy…in a hamantasch!


When packing our mishloach manot, I usually have the kids decorate paper plates that we fill with treats and fold into a hamantashen shape. This year, I had so many little bags saved, that I decided to use those instead. In order to add a hamantash to the bags, we made hamantashen cards.

We followed the directions of our popular Paper Hamantashen, but instead of filling with a pompom, the kids colored messages inside. We labeled each one with a name on the outside to make it easier to deliver the correct card to the correct child.


The kids really had a blast coloring these for their friends. Sometimes simple paper and markers can be more fun than you think!

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Hamantashen Purim Cards

Active: 15-20 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 2-8

Construction paper

Follow the direction for the 3-D Paper Hamantashen.

Fill with a message for your friends!


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