Paper Bonfire

Stuck at home? Make a paper bonfire this Lag Ba’Omer!
I am very proud that my 9 year old daughter is here this week as a “guest columnist.” She dreamed up this project and executed it all by herself. In her own words: “Hi! I have never been to a real bonfire, so I was thinking about a way to make one in my own house. I love making things out of paper (I recently made a dollhouse from a cardboard box and a whole castle out of paper!) so this was a fun way for me to have a bonfire on Lag Ba’Omer. I hope you will try it yourself, so you can have fun too.”

Paper Bonfire

Active: 15-20 minutes

Age: 5-9

Red, orange, yellow and brown construction paper
Tape or glue
Index cards or cardstock
Cotton balls

Starting with the red construction paper, draw a flame shape. I used 6 flames. Cut them out. Then, using the orange construction paper, draw 6 smaller flames and cut them out. Use the yellow construction paper to make 6 even smaller flames and cut them out. Layer the flames with the largest flame on the bottom of the stack. Tape or glue them together.

Cut the index card or cardstock into small strips. Bend them in half. Tape or glue one end of the strip to the back of the flame stack. Repeat for all flames.
Cut a large circle from the brown construction paper. Tape or glue the other end of the index card strip to the edges of the brown circle.
To make logs, wrap a pencil in brown construction paper. Use the cotton balls as pretend marshmallows.

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