Paper Plate Clowns for Mishloach Manot

Fill funny clowns with sweet treats for friends!


Last year, I posted on our facebook page about paper plate hamantashen mishloach manot. I was quite sure I had invented them as a kid until my husband informed me that EVERYONE did those. I then shared the post to my personal facebook page and a lively discussion insued with friends who grew up all over America and Canada…and lo and behold, he was totally correct. Hmph.

Well, this year we are using paper plates again but this time in the form of clowns. It can be hard to actually fit much inside of the¬†paper plate hamantashen, and if you don’t staple them down all the way, small things can fall out the center hole! These clowns solve that problem. We created clown faces on the back of a paper plate and then we will fill a second plate with goodies. We then stapled the clown front on top.

The clown’s hair is made of paper grass. I was worried about finding it but the party store already has out a big Easter display and I had not trouble finding a bag of rainbow grass. For his bow tie, we used dot paint to cover a piece of paper and then cut out bow tie shapes from it. Wrapping paper would work great for this too. And of course you can use googly eyes, pompoms for a nose or cheeks or decorate any way you can dream up.

These would also make cute graggers. Just fill with beads or beans and make sure you really staple without gaps. Add a popsicle stick and you have an instant classic.

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Paper Plate Clowns for Mishloach Manot

Active: 15 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint or glue

Age: 2-8

2 paper plates
Paper grass
Decorated paper, either wrapping paper or a piece of paper you colored yourself
Crayons or markers to draw a face
Optional – googly eyes, pompoms

Draw a face or glue one on in the center of the back of a paper plate. Glue on paper grass for hair and a bowtie. Don’t forget to write who this mishloach manot is from, either on the outside like we did or slip a note inside before stapling shut.

Fill a second plate with goodies. Staple your clown on top.


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