Waterproof Sukkah Decorations Round-up

Get an early jump on Sukkah decorations!

If your last week of summer involves lots of googling “fun things to do with kids,” then take a few minutes to check out some Sukkah decoration ideas! Your future self will thank you. I scoured the web for waterproof decorations, so you don’t end up with a pile of soggy chains decorating your sukkah floor.

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Straw Bunting
straw bunting
Straw and Bead Stars
bead stars
Straw and Bead Necklaces
Make long strings of these and hang as chains!
straw and bead necklace
Pool Noodle Garland
Melted Bead Suncatcher
Even though she says the beads did not ruin her baking tins, I would probably use disposable ones!
bead suncatcher
Plastic Dish Flowers
I would use disposable plastic plates and bowls in different colors. Punch a hole in the top and hang down the walls
plate art copy
Glue Pictures
glue pics
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The Well-Stocked Art Supply Bin

Restock your art supplies during the back to school sales!


I always loved back to school shopping. All those fancy pens and glittery folders made both walking to aisles and later using the supplies fun. This is the first year my daughter needs supplies and I was sad to see that the list instructs us as to the color of all the folders, and that all the pencils, markers, etc. are placed in bins for general use, so splurging on fancy ones will be a waste. I still might decide to get her one fancy pencil to keep for her personal use!

With all the back to school supplies sales however, this is the perfect time of year to restock your basic art supplies. As you may have noticed if you have been following me here, I tend towards using very basic supplies, so many of them will be on sale! Kosher on a Budget is my go-to source for the best prices. She posts a weekly round-up of the best school supplies deals each week. Here is a list of what I consider “essential” and a second list of “extras.”

Construction paper
Glue (glue sticks do not work well in my opinion, even if they are neater!)
Kid-friendly scissors
Washable acrylic paint
Watercolor paint
Paint brushes
Clear tape
Masking tape

Textured or patterned papers
Sequins and jewels
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners
Paper fasteners
Dot paints (we will the “Do A Dot brand)
Glue gun