Geometric Dreidel Art

Have some fun with dreidel shapes!

I was playing around with ideas for a new Chanukah project and cut out a bunch of different sized dreidels. I was trying different arrangements on the page when I realized that there were so many different ways to combine the shapes and create unique patterns and designs. I gave the shapes to my kids who started moving pieces around and coming up with designs of their own.

A menorah made of dreidels! This one didn’t quite fit on our paper!

The fun in this project is more in the play than the final product! We used 4 large, 4 medium and 4 small dreidels and I suggest using at least this amount. More will only increase the possibilities! Use different colors or make each size it’s own color. Try using tinfoil instead of paper for a shiny effect! Placing them on a dark background will give a dramatic effect as well. Cutting the shapes out of Chanukah wrapping paper can be fun idea too. Start playing – see what you can come up with!

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Geometric Dreidel Art

Active: 15-20 minutes
Age: 3-10

Construction paper, tinfoil or wrapping paper

Sketch or trace images of dreidels on your chosen paper. Ours were 4″, 3″ and 2″. Use a variety of sizes. Have fun trying out different patterns before gluing down your favorite!

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