Stained Glass Yerushalayim

Add a burst of beautiful color to the Yerushalayim skyline!

stained-glass-yeru2Well, this is a first. I am posting this well after Tisha B’av, just so I have it documented. I did share the outline of the idea on our facebook page before Tisha B’av but I just did not have the time to do the entire craft in advance to photograph and post here.

Hindsight did give me a few tips to share however!

1. We used a wide variety of crayon colors. They all melted together and the effect was fairly dark overall. I would suggest staying away from black or brown or even dark blue. Try sticking to a more limited color palette and I think the effect will be more successful.
Our melted crayon sheet

2. Don’t use too many crayons! To give an analogy, consider the spacing you would use to bake a tray of cookies rather than to roast a full tray of veggies (this made sense to me, I hope it does to you too!). Too many crayons will not give a translucent effect.

3. Use a much larger piece of wax paper than you think. Our crayons mostly filled our paper and wax spilled out the side, staining the old towel my husband insisted on putting under the wax paper. Fewer crayons in a bigger sheet will save you from this mistake.

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Stained Glass Yerushalayim

Active: 30-60 minutes
Age: 5-10

Crayons, wrappers removed
Wax paper
Printout of the Yerushalayim skyline (or draw it yourself!)

Following this method create a page of “stained glass.”  See tips in the post above for getting the best effect with the least amount of mess.

Print out or draw a basic Yerushalaim scene. Keep it simple with a more basic drawing, rather than a lot of small details. Color it however you wish. Then cut out windows and doors or whatever other areas you like.

Snap off pieces of your crayon “glass” and tape them behind the cutouts on the back of the Yerushalayim scene.

Did you do this project? Share your pictures on our facebook page!

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