Mixed-Media Menorah

Use everything and anything to make a menorah!


Looking for a craft for a Chanukah project but don’t want to spend a lot on supplies? Go raid your craft cabinet and make these mixed-media menorahs! Set out small bowls with whatever you have on hand and let the kids mix it up. 10 mismatched buttons, a small piece of ribbon and some leftover beads from another project work great here. No one menorah branch needs more than a little of each type of supply, and the greater the variation, the more interesting the creation!


My one caveat here is the lay the whole design out on you page before gluing it down. Otherwise you can run out of space and not end up with enough room for all of the menorah branches. Also, you can move your items around until you get the “perfect” design and order. We drew on the flames and a base with marker after we finished gluing for similar reasons.

I am honored to once again to have this project featured in this week’s edition of The Jewish Link of New Jersey, in the Kid’s Link section. Pick up a copy if you are local or check it out online.

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Mixed-Media Menorah

Active: 15-25 minutes

Age: 5-9

Buttons, sequins, ribbons, yarn, pipe cleaners, pompoms, feathers or any embellishment you have!

Lay out a design using a variety of embellishments and glue into place.

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