Peek-a-boo Yerushalayim

Yerushalayim is always in our minds…or underneath our paper!


Coming up to Tisha B’av, I wanted to come up with something the expressed the meaning of the day. Sitting in United States, we want to feel a connection to Israel. By using flaps to “uncover” the Israel beneath, we are symbolizing that beneath our everyday activities, we always have Israel in our hearts and prayers. This idea is a little abstract for small children, but flaps are always fun and I think the gist of the idea can come across.


I did this sample piece while the kids were out at camp and I have to say I got very engrossed in it! I played with different kinds of collage by sifting through the recycling bin. I found a mailer for a car dealership, and I tried cutting out a car to add to the road but while I loved the mixed media effect, it ended up not fitting well with the flap. Don’t confine yourself to plain construction paper, see what else you can add!


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Peek-a-boo Yerushalayim

Active: 15-30 minutes
Drying: 15 minutes+ if using paint

Age: 3-9

Printout of the Kotel (or draw it yourself!)
Construction paper or magazines and newspapers

Print out or draw a picture of the Kotel. Fold in both sides of the paper to the center until they touch.

On top of the flaps, create a cityscape that reminds you of where you live. You can use construction paper shapes, or images from magazines or newspaper. Add your family in to the picture too!

Unfold the flaps to the reveal the Yerushalayim beneath.

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