Edible Menorah

Have your menorah and eat it too!


During our carpool Chanukah project brainstorming session, we also came up with this edible menorah idea. This would be fun for a Chanukah party or Shabbat Chanukah dessert. I took advantage of the opportunity of having my whole family over on Thanksgiving to try it out, so pardon my “fine china” and the picture quality – these are literally taken from people’s plates.



I cut up honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, and clementines and arranged them on a platter. I cut the pineapple to mimic the shape of a rounded menorah and the honeydew a rectangular one. I cut smaller pieces of honeydew to be candles, and the strawberries and clementines were for the flames. I also put out the honeydew seeds (with a caveat not to eat them!) because they looked like flames but no one used them, I would recommend an edible seed instead.


Should you want to go a different route, you could include vegetables, or the less healthy candy option. Set out a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and see what people create!

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Edible Menorah

Active: 5-10 minutes

Age: 3-adult

Fruits, vegetables, candy…whatever works for you!
Big enough plates to hold the menorah, based on the sizes of your food pieces
(our plates were a little too small!)

Use the food to create a menorah however you want!

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